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Design Leadership Program 1 with Cité du Design

Location: Saint-Etiènne (FR)

Date: 14 November 2017

Duration: 40 weeks

Workload: Average of 5 hours per week

Price: € 7.495

The Cité du Design is France's most active organisation to stimulate design in companies across all design disciplines. France has an industrial heritage, an upcoming digital and service industry, and a big need for strong design leaders.

Strengthening the Design Management and Leadership capabilities of a mixed group of design professionals from different companies.

Learning Goals
Vocabulary: Learn the vocabulary of design management.
Business: Learn how to relate design to business.
Clarity: Learn how to clarify the fuzzy world of design.
Efficiency: Learn how to deliver design results efficiently.
Impact: Learn how to impactfully communicate with designers, peers and management.


  • Design Management
  • Design Leadership
  • Design Quality
  • Design Process
  • Design Language
  • Design Tools
  • Design Research
  • Design in CX
  • Design Value
  • Design Presentation
  • Design Briefing

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Target group
8-15 Professionals that work with design on a daily basis, coming from Design, or functions that work with design on an intensive basis, like Marketing, Engineering, Innovation, Product Management, etc.


  • James Hall